COMIC-CON 2013: 'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Trailer!

Take a look at what's in store for Rick and the rest of his survivors when this highly-anticipated season kicks off on AMC this fall.
AMC has released the latest trailer from Season 4 of The Walking Dead. The network also announced that the season premiere, "30 Days Without an Accident, will debut on Sunday, October 13 at 9 PM ET. Will Rick and his group at the prison be safe from the walkers outside, not to mention The Governor (David Morrissey) who is still on the loose? Take a look at the latest footage and stay tuned for more updates on this upcoming season from Comic-Con 2013.

The Walking Dead episode 4.1, "30 Days Without an Accident" stars Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Emily Kinney, David Morrissey, Chandler Riggs, Josh Stewart and is directed by Greg Nicotero.

Sources: AMC

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Comments (14)

  1. CBF

    So The Gov has backed off. But still a roaming threat. Looks like that thread is closed for now. When they disperse the prison it should be a new season arc. Taking in that many people it was obvious this was going to happen. Not all the Woodburians are good people. I wouldn't be surprised one of them goes and gets The Gov midway through the season. I wonder if this one will have more than 16 eps.

    1 year agoby @comicbookfanFlag

  2. skywise

    Looks so good. Maybe better than season 3?

    1 year agoby @skywiseFlag

  3. Daniel Cantu

    Too much awesome...

    1 year agoby @Deadpoolx11Flag

  4. Matt Jones

    @nburgmei couch tuner. you can watch pretty much anything on there.

    1 year agoby @matt-jonesFlag

  5. Shelbysaurus

    That was along trailer! And every minute of it was awesome!

    1 year agoby @ShelbysaurusFlag

  6. Nburgmei

    Anybody watch this without cable/sat? Is there a legal place to get it?

    1 year agoby @nburgmeiFlag

  7. Phoenix


    1 year agoby @phoenix117Flag

  8. AgentBlue

    Awesome!!!!!! Cant wait!!!!!!!

    1 year agoby @agentblueFlag

  9. CelluloidDreams

    Oh my god!! I cried!!! WOW!! I can't wait!!

    1 year agoby @2movieguysFlag

  10. Anguslovesducks

    YES YES YES!!!

    1 year agoby @AnguslovesducksFlag

  11. Ghostman

    Hell yeah!!

    1 year agoby @ghostmanFlag

  12. CUPID

    Cant wait.

    1 year agoby @cupidFlag

  13. undeadslayer4

    i have to admit this is one of the best walking dead trailers ive ever seen great job amc

    1 year agoby @undeadslayer4Flag