BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS: Can ‘The Help’ Take the Top Spot Four Weeks Out?

Or will a NASA cover-up and a couple of hungry sharks get in the way this Labor Day Weekend?


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Comments (5)

  1. moviegeek

    Good predictions. Lame weekend.

    4 years agoby @moviegeekFlag

  2. CelluloidDreams

    "The Help" was damn good.... I gave it an A-! .....Seeing "Apollo 18" on Sunday out of pure curiosity...since it's a 3-day on Mon ...might see "Shark Night 3D" or "The Debt" on Monday!..

    4 years agoby @2movieguysFlag

  3. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    As much as I'm glad for The Help being successful, I would love for The Debt to take spot one. I can only hope

    4 years agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  4. ROFLitschristian

    It's kind of hard to tell whether Shark Night or Apollo 18 will take the number 1 or 2 spot. Shark Night's more appealing to the "horror" movie wave of teens I'm stuck in, but Apollo looks more fun, even though they both look terrible. I say: Shark Night, The Help, Apollo 18.

    4 years agoby @ROFLitschristianFlag

  5. Ghostman

    It could happen...and end up like Avatar making 15mil each week at number 1.

    4 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

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