BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: ‘Act of Valor’ Defeats the Weekend with $24.7 Million

‘Good Deeds’ finishes in second place with $16 million, and ‘Wanderlust’ and ‘Gone’ take eighth and ninth place.


Sources: Box Office Mojo
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Comments (13)

  1. TheDude1

    @shuabert Never said only because it was patriotic but that is a reason. And frankly there is nothing else this week that really deserves it more. Also Act of Valor is really a first of its kind.

    3 years agoby @thedude1Flag

  2. Dan

    I thought Act of Valor was good. Nothing exceptional in the acting department (downright bad at times, actually), but I couldn't help but swell with pride for the boys when I watched them in action. Truly badass to behold. I looked at its 31% on Rotten, read the reviews, and many of them put it down for being a recruitment video (albeit a very finely made one). And exactly what is wrong with a film showing our military in a positive light? It just so happens to be one of the finest things about America, regardless of how our politicians try their damnedest to have the military demonized with their stupidity. Valor showed what the SEALs go through, how their families are affected, with ultimately a very uplifting message in the end. Hoo-rah.

    It also almost felt creepy how similar the Modern Warfare games have become to the real life deal. I am impressed with those games all over again at the accuracy.

    3 years agoby @dan1Flag

  3. Josh

    How many screens did Arietty show on? I'm presuming it wasn't a wide release.

    3 years agoby @shuabertFlag

  4. Josh

    @thedude1 So a movie should be number 1 because it's patriotic, not because it's good?

    3 years agoby @shuabertFlag

  5. moviegeek

    Another up weekend! Nice.

    3 years agoby @moviegeekFlag

  6. TheDude1

    It is about time we get a patriotic movie in Hollywood and thankfully it was number one this weekend!

    3 years agoby @thedude1Flag

  7. JonSpidey07

    another disappointing weekend, man people are lame

    3 years agoby @jonspidey07Flag

  8. ROFLitschristian

    @shuabert Same. Actually debated giving Wanderlust a chance.

    3 years agoby @ROFLitschristianFlag

  9. Ghostman

    Well, I guess the Navy Seal recruitment will go :D

    3 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

  10. Ghostman

    Look at all those rotten movies! (except for Arrietty)

    3 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

  11. Josh

    @ROFLitschristian Yeah, other than Wanderlust, which I heard was pretty good but apparently underperformed, this was a pretty crap weekend.

    3 years agoby @shuabertFlag

  12. ROFLitschristian

    Pretty terrible weekend for the new releases. Oh well.

    3 years agoby @ROFLitschristianFlag

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