Blu-ray Takes the Lead Over HD-DVD in February

Format war still seen as anybody’s game, however.

Movie PictureFebruary was a Blu-ray month!

In a story from Video Business, Blu-ray maintained it's sales lead over HD-DVD "by a two-to-one margin."

So far the numbers claim that "consumers bought around 250,000 units of Blu-ray movies during the month, compared to the estimated 125,000 units of HD- DVD movies."

The Departed and Superman Returns were the big sellers "on both formats."

In it's first week The Departed moved "20,000 units on Blu-ray and 13,000 on HD DVD."

"Every week it grows," said Sony's Vice President of new business development, Rich Marty. "It's growing faster than DVD did. Each month it just looks more and more promising."

Sony feels that the gap between Blu-ray and HD-DVD will continue grow and that releases like Casino Royale will help move that along.

This doesn't mean that HD-DVD is going out to pasture. Many also feel the numbers being bandied about are small and that it's still any format's game.

"When they start talking about numbers, two-to-one, that's really about the release schedule," stated executive VP of marketing and head of high definition at Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Ken Graffeo.

Companies in the HD-DVD camp are slated to "be releasing more movies in coming months, about equal to the number their Blu-ray counterparts are putting out."

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Sources: Video Business

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