‘Beautiful Creatures’ Clip Introduces Emmy Rossum as Ridley

The ‘Shameless’ actress is playing a dark siren capable of manipulating men in this adaptation of the novel series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

Emmy Rossum is the witchy Ridley in director Richard LaGravenese's YA novel adaptation Beautiful Creatures, a dark seductress known for manipulating men. The first clip has arrived from this Warner Bros. fantasy drama, which finds Ridley using her powers of persuasion to pull Ethan White (Alden Ehrenreich) off the high school track field and into her car for a Duchannes estate visit. Watch as this lucky boy goes for a ride with the sexy Siren.

Beautiful Creatures was released February 14th, 2013 and stars Emmy Rossum, Alice Englert, Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons, Thomas Mann, Viola Davis, Kyle Gallner, Zoey Deutch. The film is directed by Richard LaGravenese.

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