‘Alien Uprising’ International Trailer

Jean-Claude Van Damme makes an appearance in this sci-fi thriller about a group of friends who must band together to fight off an alien attack.

Jean-Claude Van Damme gets ready for an extraterrestrial invasion in the international trailer for Alien Uprising. Bianca Van Varenberg, Sean Brosnan and Simon Phillips star as a group of friends who wake up one morning to find all power and communications have shut down, with a massive alien ship hovering above them. From director Dominic Burns, who brought us Cockneys Vs. Zombies and Strippers Vs. Werewolves, Alien Uprising hits theaters nationwide June 21.

Alien Uprising was released June 21st, 2013 and stars Bianca Van Varenberg, Sean Brosnan, Simon Phillips, Maya Grant, Jazz Lintott, Joey Ansah, Sean Pertwee, Julian Glover. The film is directed by Dominic Burns.

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