5 Girlfriends for Batman in ‘Man of Steel 2’

We look at five character possibilities for Bruce Wayne’s love interest in ‘Batman Vs. Superman’, and the actresses that could play them.

Will Miley Cyrus join Man of Steel 2 as Batman's girlfriend?
Will Miley Cyrus join Man of Steel 2 as Batman's girlfriend?
It was revealed earlier today that Warner Bros. is currently seeking an actress to play the love interest of Bruce Wayne in their highly anticipated Man of Steel 2 sequel tentatively titled Batman Vs. Superman. We don't yet know which character will be plucked from DC Comics' vast catalogue of vigilante love interests, but we do know the type of girl they are looking for.

The studio isn't concerned with ethnicity, which brings up an interesting notion we'll get to in a minute. They are, however, looking for someone in their late twenties to play ten years younger than Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne. Which makes sense. If you were a billionaire playboy, wouldn't you have a younger girlfriend? They are also looking for someone that is physically capable of going toe-to-toe with The Dark Knight, as well as someone who is tall enough to keep up pace with Ben Affleck's 6' 4" frame.

We're guessing that director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer might want to veer off into uncharted territory with their new Batman love interest. We also have to consider that they are coming at Bruce Wayne in the twilight of his years, in order for him to play a mentor to Kal-El. Which rules out everyone's favorite speculated guesses right away. A lot of fans want to see Vicki Vale return, a character that first surfaced in the 1950s, and was immortalized by Kim Basinger in the 1989 movie Batman. Another name being lobbied about is Julie Madison, who first appeared on screen in 1997's much criticized Batman & Robin. Vicki left Bruce Wayne in his early years as a crime fighter because she couldn't stand his double life, and Julie left to marry into European royalty. Neither character stuck around to see Bruce in his later years of crime fighting. I think we can rule them out.

We doubt Warner Bros. is looking to tread on any of the recent Christopher Nolan love interests, either. It's too soon to revisit Selina Kyle or Talia al Ghul, especially since this is Superman's movie, and it will likely feature a Superman villain over a Batman villain. So who does that leave?

Well, quite a few characters, it seems. Here are our favorite choices for Batman's most likely love interest, and the actress that will play her, and why she fits into the overall story arc being created here.

1Kerry Washington as Wonder Woman

In terms of character, she's our number one pick. David S. Goyer has hinted in the past that Wonder Woman will also be making an appearance in Man of Steel 2, and it makes sense in terms of setting up Justice League as a stand alone movie. There will be some much needed romantic tension between the core group, as we've recently seen play out in Star Trek with Spock and Uhura. And it doesn't stray too far from the comic books. Diana and Bruce briefly dated in the pages of Justice League, but eventually broke things off, remaining friends and close team members. This relationship was also hinted at in the animated series. It's an easy and fun way to introduce her into the film world. Wonder Woman has proven to be a very hard character to bring to the screen, either big or small, and making her Bruce's girlfriend when we meet them in this world fits within the mythology during this timeline. Now here comes the kicker. Why Kerry Washington? Well, the casting break down isn't concerned about ethnicity. Which should be our first red flag. Diana is an Amazon, she can be any color the casting director so chooses, and we won't have much room to complain, despite her white appearance in comic books. We keep hearing how both Marvel and DC might cast a black actor in what was previously considered a white role, but no one has pulled the trigger. Yet! Here's where they could do it, and feel like they made the right choice. The casting news wouldn't even be as controversial as Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, that's for sure. With her performance in Scandal, Kerry Washington has proven that she is a strong, capable, independent woman, yet she is also vulnerable and needs the right man in her life. She is physically capable of going toe-to-toe with Ben Affleck, though she might be too short at 5' 4", and too old at 36, but we can't think of anyone who might look better in that Wonder Woman costume. She was awesome in Django Unchained, so why can't it be her? I'm sure you have a good reason. Let's hear a better choice. Or a reason why not?

2Adrianne Palicki as Kathy Kane (aka Batwoman)

Kathy Kane is a logical choice, due to the fact that she was romantically interested in a later-in-life Bruce Wayne. She is a wealthy Gotham City heiress and former circus performer who uses her skills and resources to become Batwoman, a move she makes to catch the attention of Batman. Once they are together, Bruce begs Kathy to retire from crime fighting, though she remains his ally. She is later killed at the hands of the Bronze Tiger. Its unlikely that we would see Kathy as Batwoman in Man of Steel 2, but she could definitely work in the narrative if the film took a more Nolan-esque approach to the character. Often depicted with red hair, Adrianne Palicki fits the type. She is one of the taller actresses in Hollywood, standing at 5' 11". And she is 30 years old, which is close enough to being in her late twenties. She knows her way around the DC universe, having notoriously played Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, in the failed CW pilot. And fanboys loved her as Lady Jaye in G.I. Joe Retaliation. She seems tailor-made for starring opposite Ben Affleck as Batman. Maybe she's our best bet?

3Phoebe Tonkin as Vesper Fairchild

Vesper is one of the few Batman love interests that have a connection to Lex Luthor, and her backstory makes sense in terms of bringing her into what is essentially a Superman movie. Vesper is a radio show host who dates Bruce Wayne later in his career as a crime fighter. She is killed on orders from Lex as revenge for Bruce's involvement in thwarting Luthor's plans to take over Gotham City. Maybe that same story arc wouldn't work here, but to have Lex kill Batman's girlfriend would certainly play nicely into setting up a motive for him joining Kal-El to take down the super villain. At 5' 10" and 24 years of age, Phoebe Tonkin has the right look and height for Vesper. The Australian actress and model showed she had the fighting skills necessary to keep up with Batman and Superman in the popular young adult thriller Tomorrow, When the War Began. She's still enough of an unknown to make waves with a project like this, as she continues to make a name for herself on TV with The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off The Originals. All she needs is a set of hipster-billy horn-rimmed glasses, and she's Fairchild. Having a love interest that is killed by Lex Luthor will certainly help set up Batman's place in this franchise, and we'll feel the pain, as this girl is just too beautiful to see blasted into tiny pieces.

4Naya Rivera as Barbara Ann Minerva (aka Cheetah)

In terms of setting up not only a Superman adventure that features other DC Comics characters, as well as a Justice League film, Barbara Ann Minerva is perfect, as she has connections to many of the key players. She is also ripe for reinvention, due to her many different incarnations over the years, especially in the confines of a Nolanverse type setting such as this. A scientist, it makes sense that Bruce Wayne would be dating someone of this stature. When her funding starts to run out for important research, she turns to Wayne Enterprises for help. Her experiment catches the eye of Lex Luthor, who pulls her into his Injustice Gang, which could be set up in Man of Steel 2 and later pay off in Justice League, as she helps Lex and The Joker capture Batman. This could all be done in a realistic setting, and the ethnicity clause in the casting search could indicate that they are looking for a character that is African American from the get go. Sure, we mentioned Kerry Washington as Wonder Woman, but she could work here as well. Though, she might be too all-American. Here, we need someone with a little more edge. Which brings us to Naya Rivera. She's pretty enough to catch the eye of a billionaire like Bruce Wayne, she's in great shape, and she's 26 years old. Maybe she's a little short for the role at 5' 5", but she's the perfect height to go against Washington as Wonder Woman, in a fight that would surely be included in Justice League. She's relatively unknown, unless you watch Glee, but her presence there shouldn't be enough to cast a shadow on her casting with fanboys who've probably never seen that show. She seems perfect for the role. And she might actually be able to pull off some nice, dark chemistry with Ben Affleck (no pun intended). Keke Palmer is a strong choice as well for Cheetah, though she might be too young at age 20.

5Miley Cyrus as Dinah Lance (aka Black Canary)

if you're going to have a casting announcement even half as controversial as Ben Affleck in the role of The Dark Knight, this would be it! If Miley Cyrus were cast in what is supposed to be one of the greatest fanboy movies ever made, you can expect that there would be petitions, death threats, and a general boycott of the movie. Thing is, she looks exactly like Black Canary, and the character fits into the overall arc of what DC is trying to do here. She has been both a member of the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America. She is usually romantically tied to Green Arrow, but has had her dalliances with Bruce Wayne in his later years. Even if Green Arrow is not a part of the Justice League movie, she could be seen as an asset to the franchise, stirring up turmoil within the group, especially amongst some of the other key male players. She is one of the few Batman love interests that is tied to other DC characters. And you have to admit, it would be fun seeing Miley Cyrus in this role, even with as much hate as it would garner from fans and non-fans alike. Though, this is probably the most unlikely girlfriend of the bunch, as Miley Cyrus is too young at 20, and probably too short at 5' 5". Anyway, its fun to think about. Right guys? I mean, come on. Lighten up! Ben Affleck is Batman, you should have some fun with it!

Which of Batman's former girlfriends did we miss? Is there anyone you want to see that is missing from the list? Do you have an actor in mind that could match Ben Affleck's intensity? Do you even care? Let us know.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to theaters March 25th, 2016 and stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons. The film is directed by Zack Snyder.

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Comments (56)

  1. test-0001

    Okay, time to comment on this one.
    Casting for Batman's Girlfriends....now is it Batman's girlfriends or Bruce Wayne's girlfriends? Because he has two totally different lives when it comes to whom he dates.
    1. Beyonce....because she hasn't been in a Batman movie yet, and she should be Catwoman, because if Halle Berry can do it, Beyonce can do it better.
    2. Phoebe Tonkin. Wrong casting for character. She looks just like Wonder Woman in that photo, so cast her as Wonder Woman.
    3. Naya Rivera as Cheetah. I agree with this one. You got it bang on, now I must watch any movie she has been in to confirm her credentials and acting ability and see if she would be able to pull it off.
    4. Adrianne Palicki as Kathy Kane/Batwoman. I'm sorry writer you got the wrong character to the photo. The current Batwoman is not called Kathy Kane, she goes by Kate Kane (even though they are both called Katherine Kane). Also, the newer version of this character is NOT interested in men at all, and she never died, you should retcon your story and change the picture to the first version that you are talking about if you want to be accurate, however the 1985 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths retroactively established that Batwoman had never existed, though her alter ego Kathy Kane continued to be referred to occasionally. So, again, the writers can come up with whatever they want because the movie is of itself not cannon.....and Adrianne Palicki already tried her hand at Wonder Woman, which failed so you're just living out a fantasy here...why not cast Brandon Routh as Batman if you want to live out fanboy fantasies to keep an actor in the overall franchise.
    5. Miley Cyrus....Just because she's destroying her own career with this "twerking" business doesn't mean it earns her a place in the movie as a love interest or even a key character like Black Canary. You might as well cast Lindsay Lohan as the love interest, Amanda Bynes as Harley Quinn, and Charlie Sheen as an older version of The Joker...IF you're going to make this movie about people destroying their careers.

    2 years agoby @test-0001Flag

  2. SpeedyEric

    Keep Miley Cyrus the HELL away from anything to everything DC Comics related at all costs, PLEASE!

    2 years agoby @SpeedyEricFlag

  3. Celestialforthcoming

    @gandoff Dude... are you trolling me or something? lol. Because you clearly weren't paying attention to anything that I have said and are pulling things out of context. not to mention you pulled a reversal on what I said you not knowing your agruement anymore with questions that I clearly had given the answers in the beginning. It's jsut that your last comment seems to reverse things to full loop and you pulled apart my comments out of order or something. Not to mention you still think I am saying that ion propulsion systems are out of our reach... when they already exist... nasa built it... it can reach to speeds of 100000mph or even more so theoretically in space but they haven't used it to the full extent because it is still in its infancy. so are you trolling me? because again, the questions you just asked me, I have answered already before.

    2 years agoby @CelestialforthcomingFlag

  4. Gandoff

    @Celestialforthcoming I know there is a huge motor. I was trying to only make a point that the idea of propulsion is in the works, and not out of the realm of possibility. As for the sonar thing. You would have to have access to ever single cell phone in what was a major city such the size of a NY. And then it has to send a ping, which is unhearable to the human ear, and then all reflections of the sounds be picked back up, then mapped out via what would be a major quantum computing system that does not exist yet. So I do not know how that is hard to understand a suit like Iron Mans is far fetched, but a sonar computer program isn't. But the truth is, I am now lost in what your trying to say. Are you purely saying you would rather see a new Batman period. Or are you saying Nolans Batman can't work in Man of Steel world? If its the first, then there is nothing to debate. You can feel free to feel you rather have a fresh start. But if its the later, being Nolan's creation can't extend into Man of Steel, then I will once again point out, that since Batman is a human character, built on realism, even in a comic book world of super humans and aliens. That Nolan's being the most realistic take, of the comic book world if it was a real world character, could stand up in a Man of Steel world on the basis of what I have said. Batman=Realism=Human=Comics with Super Human, /Aliens/ ect... The standpoint of all comic movies today, has been to try to take a realistic approach into the story and the characters so they can be believable. Is the tech 100% known to be existent, no. Is there some, techs shown as partial pieces, maybe and yes. That is where a suit like Iron Man is possible. Phone spieing, as you have said, is one piece to how the phone sonar,,, could work. Just as the big and bulky water jet suit, is one small example of how a Iron Man suit, could work also. Does not have to be, just possible.

    2 years agoby @gandoffFlag

  5. Celestialforthcoming

    @gandoff and on the echolocation sonar more fantasy than iron man suit. I disagree also. They used sonar as an echolocation device to map out the building where joker was taking place. Same stuff they used for deep sea excavations and divers. Spying on everyone's phone- you have snowden now giving away the NSA that was spying on (i forgot the number) of americans in the past months. So yes, I do see that more possible than a suit that has tiny rockets, propulsion beams from hands and feet and a power source made out of a man created element.

    2 years agoby @CelestialforthcomingFlag

  6. Celestialforthcoming

    @gandoff No. the water jet thing, you do realize it has a giant motor connected to it that is floating in the water just to drive water up and the top speed is like 35 that can only carry the weight of an average person. Also, you seem to misunderstand the point i was trying to make. Suits have been around a lot longer than iron man and the thought of the iron man suit, not just any suit, but an iron man suit, that is science ficiton and science fiction always had some reality to it. from star trek to the day the earth still, 1984, blade runner, alien, they all have some reality to it but it is considered science ficiton because it is beyond our capabilities at the time or it's not present but the possibility is there. As time goes on however, we get closer to those possibilities and they become fact. They've already built rocket jetpacks in the 60's but it was too inefficient and costly, not to mention dangerous so they stopped.
    Batman didn't die from the building because he was roughly using his cape to slow down his fall as it was shown in the film and of course batman is human. I never said he wasn't. also, you can call an example "prime" when calling out a made up scenario like matching Burton batman and donner superman and basically saying they existed together, that's just a case you put together yourself on an opinion, therefore it is not example but rather a scenario you put together to help the point you are making by basing it as an example.
    Batman though yes he is human, assisted by such people like Fox, oracle, alfred, the list goes on but you missed my pointa and I am certain you forgot your arguement when you said "Batman =a regular human. No matter if its Nolan's Story version, comics, Burtons creation, ect... So he will be based 99.9% in a more realistic world in his basis,...". when you began the arguement that it should be Nolan's batman not anything else. I did stated that batman is human and that he is the most realistic superhero in the DC world but it shouldn't be Nolan's batman but a new, refreshed one. Have you changed your mind on Nolan batman? is your arguement now more batman being human regardless (which is obivous he shoudl be, I don't think anyone would even argue against that), or what? what's you're arguement now?

    2 years agoby @CelestialforthcomingFlag

  7. Gandoff

    Like I said. Batman =a regular human. No matter if its Nolan's Story version, comics, Burtons creation, ect... So he will be based 99.9% in a more realistic world in his basis, compared to someone like Superman. One has to remember that when they truly think of how, or if they could work. Prime Example,,, Burton's Batman MAY have worked with Superman by Donner. But not with Superman Returns or Man of Steel. While the Joel Schumacher's Batmans are much to fantastical to fit with any Superman movies to date.

    2 years agoby @gandoffFlag

  8. Gandoff

    @Celestialforthcoming There is a water canon system that makes one able to fly by sucking water in a hose, then shooting it out. One only needs to balance to achive lift. That is not science fiction. But reality. But the part you are missing. Iron Man was created over 40 years ago. In an age where we did not have the internet, let a lot a major home computer. Does it go a bit far, yes. But the idea of the suit is still a sound one. Is it reality, as far as we "know", no. But I personally fail to understand how a realistic Batman, which is pretty on the mark to what a real Batman would be like, from the comics, by the way, as @instead8909 has said, he fell off buildings and such and didn't die. Not to mention the sonar thing used in The Dark Knight is much more far fetched then a suit in Iron Man. I also think you forgetting that Batman is the most realistic comic character hero. And he is 100% human compared to 99.% of all comic characters. That fact alone is why it can work. Bruce Wayne/ Batman is a human with skills and abilities studied and trained for. Learned and practiced. All the while being a equal to Superman who was born with super strength, flight, x ray vision, heat vision, ect...

    2 years agoby @gandoffFlag

  9. WongFu

    And when they do, they come back.

    2 years agoby @instead8909Flag

  10. WongFu

    From what I've seen so far most of these superhero films are ground, but there is a fantasy side to all of them even Nolan's Batman. He fell, dropped from buildings that should have killed him but that's the fantasy side, superheros don't die.

    2 years agoby @instead8909Flag

  11. Celestialforthcoming

    @gandoff I disagree. to counterpoint, iron man is too far fetched to even be considered grounded as he built an improbable suit with today's technology. Do you have any idea what kind of power you need in real life to have an ionic propulsion system that can equal in velocity and provide enough force to lift up a man in a suit that is centuries ahead of it's time? look at what we have now, we can barely make an exoskeleton that lifts a 300 pound crate with a 50 pound fuel cell that can barely make a man walk. Iron man's part of being in the fantastic sense is tony stark's smart enough to built such a suit with the knowledge we already have. It's close to even being absurd when thinking a man (even a super genius) can create a suit beyond top engineer's understanding and knowledge on the suit, let alone even create an element out of other elements? maybe a new compound or a molecular structure but even that is too far fetched. Better than creating a new element, but still out of our grasp. That's grounded? No, not even close. And to manderin (he was the Guy' pierce's character, not Ben kingsely. They just changed manderin completely in a different character) who created volcanoe-powered-whatever people is grounded? how does that even add up to be considered grounded? The difference now with marvel and DC is that Marvel is more accepted by the public as a fantasy while DC with DKT setting the bar for more realism. Batman didn't make his body into a weapon of mass distruction, he was more of a brawler i the nolan verse with technology that exists today. Unless you saw him fighting everyone with martial arts skills and iron man like technology-which you don't he was only an aggressive brawler with a controled mind to say the least who used stealth to take down all the villians. Sorry if you hate to hear people say that Nolan batman is too real but it's too real to fit with man of steel and the whole point of nolan doing it in that sense is for batman to be more realized and widely accepted. Snyder wanted superman more grounded to be more relatable and look what happened. And kryptonians came in ship was with guns with mahines to breathe, they were in there in the first place because they were still around the same solar system as krypton. It wasn't until they've gone to our solar system that they became superhuman like superman because of our suns radiation and they needed to come into ships to terraform a new krypton because they were alleged kryptonians who wanted to continue the world of kryptonians. If Zod succeeded, they wouldn't be able to fly or leap tall buildings. You have a fair point when saying realism meets fantasy but not when you want a movie to be well balanced and batman will throw the film out of balance because he just won't keep up with superman. Not Nolan's version per say. I am not suggesting we get a super batman to be equal with man of steel or something, I'm stating that there is a kind of batman that can work with intelligence, detective work (that we actually see more of) and be as versatile and that is the batman from the comics, not the nolan movies. A batman who presents himself with mental and body perfection like say from the arkham games. who shows us, not say, that he has perfected all 100-whatever martial arts. A batman who plans ahead and understand his enemies from head to toe. Batman from noaln didn't do that. he jut went off and look what happened in the dakr knight rises. Sure it was to move the plot but my point being is that we need a new more capable batman because batman as whole is already taken to "realism" but in nolan's case, he wouldn't keep up with superman at all. A new batman, maybe from the comics, or a new version perhaps would make more sense and believable. I'm speaking for the sake of the film to make sense, not just to continue nolan's work.

    2 years agoby @CelestialforthcomingFlag

  12. justatadmatt

    Trolling at its finest.

    2 years agoby @justatadmattFlag

  13. WongFu

    I can see Miley as Harley Quinn.
    Five girl friends that's just over kill

    2 years agoby @instead8909Flag

  14. Gandoff

    @Celestialforthcoming It's to grounded? How? Iron Man was based on a grounded sense of technology. Yet we ended up Seeing the Mandarin play out in 3 as we have. Avengers have a portal opened from billions and billions of light years away. Yet worked. What part in any world could a Batman be a equal to a Superman in the first place??? That is the point. Realism meets what was thought fantasy. A human who made his mind and body a weapon of mass destruction so to speak, and one born with it. I hate to hear people say, Nolan's Batman was to real, and could not fit into Man of Steel. Because the fact is, Batman is a realism character compared to Superman, Flash or even Aquaman. The point of him is to bring in realism. And, not only be a equal to those who have these fantasy level powers, but in some cases, be vastly better. So yes, Nolan's Batman was based in a world of Realism. But Man of Steel, just like Thor was to Iron Man, is also based on a foundation of a realistic approach into for a mystical, fantastic, and even improbable character. "Aliens" needing ships to travel. Machines to help breath. Guns to fight. Yet still empowered by the sun. That is why Nolan's Batman can work. And could be used. Cause if the basis is Man of Steel was to, fantastical. Then Batman of any kind could "never" work. But he does, and will.

    2 years agoby @gandoffFlag

  15. masterofthemoon

    Hayley Atwell as Wonder Woman! There she's the PERFECT choice!

    2 years agoby @masterofthemoonFlag

  16. Gil Murta Silva

    i'm sorry. i'm sorry for saying this, but this is the dumbest thing i ever red on movieweb.

    2 years agoby @Gil-Murta-SilvaFlag

  17. Eddie Hannebohn

    Two Things. 1. There is no way in hell that Miley Cryus will ever be in a movie she'll be in drug rehab by years end. 2. The movie is called Superman vs Batman, Not the many women of Batman.

    2 years agoby @Eddie-HannebohnFlag

  18. David garcia

    A black wonder woman, now that's something to see. Quite interested in seeing one.

    2 years agoby @David-garcia-67788063Flag

  19. JMP

    hold on sense when Wonder Woman change color? lol

    2 years agoby @jmpFlag

  20. justinishulk

    @therealGoku i agreed with u

    2 years agoby @justinishulkFlag

  21. justinishulk

    please NO to Miley Cyru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 years agoby @justinishulkFlag

  22. Brizzy

    why would anyone believe #5? Why? Seriously? Why would you even put this in that list?
    God... Now we're going to have to live with all of the nonsense bullsh*t rumors that are going to be made up untill this movie comes out.

    2 years agoby @BrizzyFlag

  23. ridgl

    Paula Patton should play Wonder Woman

    2 years agoby @ridglFlag

  24. artkid04

    i think they should heir an actress who is in her early thirties, my top 5 actresses who could just play Bruce's love interest
    1. Olivia Wilde
    2. Frieda Pinto
    3. Deborah Ann Woll
    4. Abbie Cornish
    5. Elena Satine

    2 years agoby @artkid04Flag

  25. thedude-abides

    Lol... Only Orange.

    2 years agoby @thedude-abidesFlag

  26. gumperman

    I think these are the worst choices ever! Also, it isn't the Nolanverse, that ended with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, it's the Snyderverse now!

    2 years agoby @gumpermanFlag

  27. cryhawks

    I've have always been a fan of Bruce. & Diana as love interests but I seriously doubt Wonder Woman will introduced into the movie universe as Bruce Wayne's girlfriend.

    2 years agoby @cryhwksFlag

  28. psychobilly13

    I thought kathy kane was a gay. Theres way you can change the ethnicity of wonder woman without rattling some cages.

    2 years agoby @psychobilly13Flag

  29. Leon Bright

    1. Kerry Washington as Wonder Woman- Seriously? Wonder Woman is a Greek character.

    2. Adrianne Palicki as Kathy Kane (aka Batwoman)- She's a lesbian character. Do you know anything about these characters?

    3. Phoebe Tonkin as Vesper Fairchild- I like the look of the actress BUT that's NOT Vesper in the comic pic, that's Talia al Ghul. Now I'm convinced you don't know anything about these characters.

    4. Naya Rivera as Barbara Ann Minerva (aka Cheetah)- Why would this character be a love interest to Bruce Wayne? To find a dumb way to add Wonder Woman into the movie? No thanks.

    5. Miley Cyrus as Dinah Lance (aka Black Canary)- Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Now I know you know NOTHING about these characters! Case and point (aside from mentioning Miley Cyrus and Batman in the same breath):

    "...she looks exactly like Black Canary"

    In what universe does Miley Cyrus look "exactly" like Black Canary or hell... ANY DCU super-heroic character?

    Not even in the Anti-Matter Universe (nerd joke).

    Fun article overall though.

    2 years agoby @Leon-BrightFlag


    @ejk1 - It's interesting that Batwoman is a lesbian now, seeing as how she was created for the sole purpose to make fans not think Bruce/Batman was gay.

    I like that casting. Loved her as Supergirl on Smallville, plus we've seen actresses on Smallville make their way as new characters in Superman movies.

    2 years agoby @Number1WolverineFlag

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