10 Movies Advance in Visual Effects Race for ‘86th Annual Academy Awards’

‘Elysium’, ‘Gravity’ and ‘Iron Man 3’ are among the contenders. Find out if your favorite 2013 VFX movie is in the running.

10 movies remain in the running for the Visual Effects Oscar
10 movies remain in the running for the Visual Effects Oscar
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today announced that 10 films remain in the running in the Visual Effects category for the 86th Annual Academy Awards.

The films are listed below in alphabetical order:

  • Elysium
  • Gravity
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
  • Iron Man 3
  • The Lone Ranger
  • Oblivion
  • Pacific Rim
  • Star Trek Into Darkness
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • World War Z

The Academy's Visual Effects Branch Executive Committee determined the shortlist. All members of the Visual Effects Branch will now be invited to view 10-minute excerpts from each of the shortlisted films on Thursday, January 9, 2014. Following the screenings, the members will vote to nominate five films for final Oscar consideration.

Oscars nominations will be announced live on Thursday, January 16, 2014, at 5:30 a.m. PT in the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2013 will be presented on Oscar Sunday, March 2, 2014, at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center, and televised live on the ABC Television Network. The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 225 countries and territories worldwide.

The Academy Awards episode 62.1, "The 86th Annual Academy Awards" stars Jennifer Lawrence, Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto, Emma Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kristen Bell, Amy Adams}.

Sources: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
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Comments (12)

  1. Sean

    @kguy I think it unfortunately got snubbed from the Oscars.

    1 year agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  2. Sean

    @bawnian-dexeus There was some visual effects(cgi) in The Lone Ranger movie in this part of the movie, where a train falls over a cliff because of an unfinished train track that was actually built for the movie. And the train itself is the cgi but the train is added in with cgi, just for that one scene in the movie. ->http://moviecitynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/WA070_020664-651x2721.jpg , that is why it is in the visual effects category for The Academy Awards.

    1 year agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  3. K.Guy

    but where is Man of Steel? O.O

    1 year agoby @kguyFlag

  4. K.Guy

    the 5 nominees should be:

    Gravity (will win)
    Iron Man 3
    The Hobbit 2
    and.. any of the others :P

    1 year agoby @kguyFlag

  5. Erikajinx

    It's between thor the dark work, the hobbit, Star Trek, and pacific rim

    1 year agoby @ErikajinxFlag

  6. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    Gravity. Hobbit could win by a hair, but it is Gravity's to lose.

    @narrator Right? What the hell is Lone Ranger even doing there?

    1 year agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  7. CelluloidDreams

    World War Z...PFffftttt....Pure crap!

    1 year agoby @2movieguysFlag

  8. Diaigma

    Gravity. No contest :P

    1 year agoby @diaigmaFlag

  9. the Narrator



    While I agree that Gravity is the clear cut winner followed swiftly by The Desolation of Smaug (the sheer amount of work in that film is insane), the fact that World War Z and Thor are on here when Man of Steel isn't is mind boggling.

    1 year agoby @narratorFlag

  10. thedude-abides

    This looks like a one-film race to me, with Gravity the clear-cut number 1.

    1 year agoby @thedude-abidesFlag

  11. Time

    Where is Man of Steel? It should be in the top ten if not five.

    1 year agoby @arringtonFlag

  12. artkid04

    Oblivion, most definatly

    1 year agoby @artkid04Flag

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